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Events are summarized below. More will be added as information becomes available. Check your newsletter or contact the event coordinator for details. Can’t find your roster? Contact us for another copy.

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Annual St. Patrick’s Tour to O’BlarneysMcNabb

’Tis getting to be that time! This year’s tour will start from Jantzen Beach Target parking lot (Store address 1555 N Tomahawk Island Drive, Portland, OR. A driver’s meeting will be at 10:00 and we will plan to start engines and move out right after. Questions? Call Donna McNabb.

Ladies TeaRurey, Workman, Wolfe

Ladies of Club T MG – please join us at the Rurey’s home for our annual British Tea Party. Wear a hat or not; gloves are optional, but a smile and your presence are required. A traditional tea/luncheon menu will be provided.The men are encouraged to meet Nels at our home and you can go to a nearby pub for a drink and a bite. Check your roster for contact details.

All British AutoJumble 2020Foren

The AutoJumble is CANCELLED due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

St John’s ParadeBehrend / Foren

Vist the St. John’s Parade website for information on the parade. Club ’T‘ MG has been a part of the parade for over 30 years. Members drive their top down MGs, each carrying one of the Rose Festival Princesses. We need 18 cars to accommodate all the princesses. Staging starts at 9:30 a.m. (Turn off Lombard and go north on Buchannan 2 blocks to the staging area. Park on the left side of the street.) Those interested can walk to Pattie’s Home Plate Café around 10:00 a.m. for breakfast. The parade starts at noon.

After the parade, the St. John’s community provides a complementary lunch for all parade participants.

All British Field MeetBrent

This year’s featured marque is the MG. If you have signed up to volunteer in the Regalia tent, be sure to show up at your assigned time wearing your volunteer T-shirt.

Other Events of Interest

PIR Auto Swap MeetPortland International Raceway

Portland Swap MeetPortland Expo Center

Forest Grove Concours d’EleganceForest Grove, Oregon

Portland Vintage Racing Festival Portland International Raceway

GOF West 2020 – Welches, Oregon

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